Welcome to FieldOne™
Administration Guide
Learn about FieldOne™ Requirements
Install the Application
Initial Install, First Machine
Database - Default 
Database - Customize Your Own
Multiple Client Machines
Enable Server for Multiple Users
Install via Application Setup Wizard
Install via Web Deployment Shortcut
Futher Connection Questions
Connect from Remote Locations
Change Server Location
Troubleshoot Client Connections
Set up Your Company
Register Your Company with FieldOne Systems, LLC.
Import Existing QuickBooks® Data
Configure Company Controls
Back Up Data Regularly
Check for Updates to FieldOne™
Basic Working Procedures
Customers and Job Sites
Create a New Customer
Display the Customer Details Screen
General Tab
Detail Tab
Alt Contact Tab
Payment Info Tab
Special Pricing Tab
Job Sites Tab
Web Portal Tab
Display the Customer Snapshot Screen
Edit Customers
Understand the Customer Snapshot
Create Customer Statements
Job Sites
Create a New Job Site
Display the Job Site Details Screen
General Tab
Alt Contacts Tab
Residents Tab
Different Billing Address Tab 
Display the Job Site Snapshot Screen
Select Customer and Job Site Screen
Quick Add Customer and Job Site Screen
GeoCode Job Sites Screen
Work Orders
Work Order Process and Work Flow
Work Order Types
Work Order Status 
Process a Service Call
Create a New Service Call
Navigate New Service Call Screen
Specify Service Call Information
Specify Problem Details
Create Service Schedule
Use Routing Optimization
Describe Service Call Problems
Schedule the Service Call
Invoice the Service Call
Reopen the Service Call
Process an Estimate/ Project
Create a New Estimate/Project
Navigate New Estimate/Project Screen
Define Project Estimate
General Sub-Tab
Job Stages Sub-Tab
Estimate Items Sub-Tab
Copy Estimated Items between Projects
Copy Estimated Items between Job Stages
Payment Plans Sub-Tab
Change Orders Sub-Tab
Revisions Sub-Tab
Summary Sub-Tab
Print the Estimate
Print Estimate Worksheet for Field Technician
Activate a Project
Deactivate an Estimate
Create the Project Schedule
Record Actual Items Used
Manage Change Orders
Invoice the Project
Display Work Order Details Screen
Header Section
General Tab
Problems or Estimate Tab
Schedule Tab
Mini -Schedule Board
Recurring Schedules 
Items Tab
Items Tab Navigation
Items Tab - Parts
Items Tab - Labor
Items Tab - Line Groups
Cost Tab
PO Requisition Tab
Requisition List Sub-Tab
Template Sub-Tab
Requisition Notification Sub-Tab
Job Stages Sub-Tab
Links Tab
Feedback Tab
Manage the Work Order
Lookup Service Requests
Switch between Service Call and Project
Change Customer or Job Site
Process Parts Requirements
Print Work Order Report
Close a Work Order
Cancel a Work Order
Reactivate a Work Order
Service Agreements
Set up Agreement Types 
Create an Agreement
Display the Agreement Screen
General Tab
Details Tab
Charges Tab
Equipment Tab
Pricing Tab
Coverage Tab
Billing Tab
Scheduling Tab
Work Orders Tab
Invoices Tab
Summary Tab
Print Service Agreement
Activate the Agreement
Cancel an Agreement 
Basic Pricing 
Special Purpose Pricing
Job Types
Specific Items - Parts and Labor
Discounting Methods
Parts Discounts
Labor Discounts
No-Charge Agreement Coverage 
Advanced Pricing - Background
Rules of Pricing 
Pricing Tables 
WO General Tab
WO Items Tab - Parts
WO Items Tab - Labor
Schedule Board
Overall Navigation
Terminology - Schedule Concepts
Mouse Maneuvers - Schedule Navigation
Bottom Screen - Control Bars
Right Panel - Schedule Navigation
Schedule Selection Tools
Time Periods
Time Scale
Day View
Week View
Work Week View
Month View
Column Controls
Select Technicians to Display
Select Number of Visible Columns
Select Column Order (Technician Layout)
Dates - Calendar Navigator
Group-By: Date or Employee
Other Schedule Board Tools
Unassigned Column
Company Working Hours
Technician Working Hours
Technician Display Color
DataView Format
24-Hour Military Format
Manage Layout Views
Create a Layout View
Delete a Layout View
Rename a Layout View
Perform Schedule Tasks
Schedule a Work Order
Manage Open Work Orders / Slots
Work Order Type
Slot Type
Get Driving Directions
Rearrange with Route Assistant
Print Employee Daily Route Report
Print the Schedule Board
Post Multiple or Single Schedule Slots
Understand Posting Schedule Slots
Use Post Schedule Slots Screen
Record Parts while Posting
Create an Invoice while Posting
Print Work Order Report after Posting
Perform Schedule Slot Tasks
Create a Schedule Slot
Delete a Schedule Slot
Monitor Schedule Slot Status
Change Schedule Slot Details 
General Tab
Items Tab
Customer Signature Tab
Capture Signature from Schedule Slot
Send SMS Message from Schedule Slot
Access Work Order from Schedule Slot
Complete a Schedule Slot
Use Other Schedule Slot Controls
Mouse Maneuvers for Schedule Slots
Multiple Assignments for Schedule Slots
Recurring Schedule Slots
Schedule Slot Details Panel
Technician Routing
GPS Vehicle Routing
Sample GPS Trip Detail Report
Sample GPS Speed Violation Report
Sample GPS Sensor On-Off Report
Customer Equipment
Create Customer Equipment Entries
Display the Customer Equipment Screen
General Tab
Sub-Items Tab
Sub-Equipment Tab
Work Orders
Customer Invoices
Invoice a Service Call
Invoice a Fixed-Amount Project
Invoice a Service Agreement
Create a Manual Invoice
Display the Invoice Screen
General Tab
Details Tab
Invoice Note Tab
Payments Tab
Void an Invoice
Clear Invoice for Rebilling
Print an Invoice
Create an Invoice Payment
Customer Payments
Create and Print Credit Memo
Create a Customer Payment
Display the Customer Payment Screen
Process Credit Card Charges
Counter Sales
Inventory Management
Warehouses and Trucks
Display Parts Details Screen
General Tab
Stock Tab
Serial No. Tab
Vendor Pricing Tab
Vendor Catalog Tab
Kit Details Tab
Kits Detail Display
Kit Pricing
Kit Inventory Impact
Custom Fields
Display Parts Snapshot Screen
Control Inventory Valuation
Transfer Parts Inventory 
Check for Low Inventory
Modify Bulk Parts
Import Vendor Catalog
Use Bar Code Scanner for Parts
Purchase Management
Purchase Order Requisition
Assign Employees to PO Requisitions
Create a PO Requisition
Display PO Requisition Screen
New item
Approve/Decline a PO Requisition
Process Parts for PO Requisition 
Purchase Quote
Create a Purchase Quote
Display the Purchase Quote Screen
General Tab
Vendors Tab
Parts Tab
Pricing Tab
Create POs Tab
Print Purchase Quote
Purchase Orders
Display the Purchase Order Details Screen
General Tab
Detail Tab
Parts Tab
Receipts Tab
Bills Tab
Approve Purchase Order
Print Purchase Order and Worksheet
Cancel Purchase Order
Receive Purchase Order Items
Enter a PO Receipt
Display the PO Receipt Screen
Record Vendor Bills
Enter a Vendor Bill
Display the PO Bill Screen
PO Returns
Create Return PO
Record Vendor Receipt
Record Vendor Credit Memo
QuickBooks® Integration
QuickBooks Requirements
Steps to Import from QuickBooks
Items Imported from QuickBooks
Customers and Jobs
Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
Inventory and Purchases
General Ledger Accounts
Link Records Created in QuickBooks
Steps to Synchronize to QuickBooks
Synchronize Customer Invoices
Synchronize Customer Payments
Synchronize Employee Time-Sheets
Synchronize Vendor Bills
Synchronize using QuickBooks Classes 
Understand QuickBooks Naming Exceptions 
Modify Exceptions after Synchronize
Compare Import and Synchronize
Set up Employees
Display the Employee Screen
General Tab
Details Tab
Alt Contacts Tab
Security Tab
Crew Tab
Work Days
Contact List
Notes and Attachments 
Tasks and Alerts
Set up Tasks and Alerts
Receive Alerts
Take Charge of Alerts
Record Logs 
Office Manager
Customers Overdue Tab
Billing Manager Tab
My Tasks Tab
Open Estimates Tab
Schedule Manager Tab
Unscheduled Work Orders Sub-Tab
Uncompleted Slots Sub-Tab
Unposted Slots Sub-Tab
Agreement Schedules Sub-Tab
Invoices To-Print Tab
Work Orders In-Progress Tab
Agreements Tab
Agreements about to Expire Sub-Tab
Agreements Expired Sub-Tab
Low Inventory Tab
Parts Expected Tab
Open PO Quotes Tab
PO Requisitions Tab
My PO Requisitions Sub-Tab
Awaiting Approval Sub-Tab
Awaiting Processing Sub-Tab
Dynamic Reports
Accounts Receivable
Work Order
Lists and Tables 
A/R (Accounts Receivable) Setup
Customer Types
Payment Terms
Contact Types
Campaign Types
Equipment Setup
Equipment Types
Sub-Item Groups
Work Order Setup
Work Order Types
Sub Status Descriptions
Problem Codes
Labor Codes
Labor Rates
Parts Markups
Schedule Priorities
Change Order Reasons
Line Group Types
Agreement Setup
Agreement Types
Inventory Setup
Part Categories
Part Subcategories
Units of Measure
Vendor Types
Part Locations
Purchase Order Types
Ship Via Types
Employee Setup
Employee Titles
Employee Status
Employee Pay Types
Employee Skills
User Groups
Accounting Setup
GL Accounts
Tax Codes
Tax Groups
General Company Settings
Company Branches
Company Departments
Company Web Portal
Getting Started - Web Portal
Portal Setup Wizard
Portal Web Login
Portal Welcome Page
Portal Security Controls
Portal Information Types
Portal Transactions
Portal Notes and Feedback
Portal Email Notifications
Portal Screen Controls
Quick Text
Task Types
Email Templates
Custom Imports
Company Preferences 
General Tab
Entity Names Tab
Accounting Tab
Schedule Board Tab
Part Options Tab
Purchasing Tab
Work Order Tab
A/R Tab (Accounts Receivable)
QuickBooks Tab
Features Tab
Starting Numbers Tab
Custom Fields Tab
Required Fields
Email Settings Tab
Credit Card Processing Tab
GPS Settings Tab
Customer Portal Tab
Security Tab
Misc Tab
Backup Tab
System Reports Tab
User Options
The User Interface
Main Work Screen
Top Menu Bar - File, Tools, Windows, Help
2nd Menu Bar - Working Procedures
Left - Task Panels with PIN Icon
Arrival Screen
Bottom Tabs for Navigation
Bottom Status Bar
Single-Page Screens
DataView Screens
DataView Screen Elements
Search Panel Fields
Column Headers
Sort, Move, and Resize Columns
Start Filter Logic
Add Group By Box Header
Detail Lines - Rows
Customize Bar
Summing Footers
Data Entry Icons
Paging and Scrolling Icons
DataView Menu Functions
Field Chooser
Date/Time Handling
Print DataView
Export DataView
Save and Reuse Layouts
Mail Merge
DataView Screen Types
Direct Data Entry
Detail Display
Large and Small Lookup Screens
Large Lookup, Add or Edit
Small Lookup, Add or Edit
Field Select Boxes
Simple Lookup Box
Lookup Combo Box
Pop-Up Lookup Combo Box
Progressive Lookup Box
Search and Open
Multiple Parts Checkoff
DataView Reports
System Reports
Existing Custom Reports
New Custom Reports
Modify Custom Report
System Report Templates
Word Processor Utility
General Controls and Tips
Windows-style Controls
Screen Helpers
Field Helpers
Key-match Search in DataView
Keyboard Shortcuts
PRINT Confirmation Screen 
Barcode Scanner for Parts
Date, Time and Currency Formats
Error Messages

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